The Cross-platform MIDI software interface for C++ programming.




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Midiio is a MIDI software interface for the computer platforms listed in the table below. Sending or receiving MIDI data with Midiio is done exactly the same way in each platform. In the future, Apple OS X.2 will hopefully be supported using the core audio hardware interface.
    Operating system MIDI hardware interface
    Linux OSS
    Linux ALSA 0.9
    Linux ALSA 0.5
    Microsoft Windows
    Windows Multimedia Library (Visual C++)

Download the latest version of midiio (compiles in GCC 3):
   [ midiio-1.1.1.tgz ]
Download the previous version of midiio (does not compile in GCC 3):
   [ midiio-1.1.0.tgz | ]

Software which uses Midiio:

Projects which use Midiio or Improv:

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